Happiness is a decision

Life has it´s up ´s and down`s - but we can take the decision today to be happy and to make the most out of life....

Dare to live the life of your dreams... or simply dare to take the first step - right now, today... it´s your life and you are the only Person in this universe you are responsible to make happy.

Stop pleasing others, take a rest, take a deep breath and be with yourself, be calm, smile at yourself and be greatful for what you have.

Let the thoughts ábout and around Food come and go, let them float outside your head, open yourself and expand your thoughts. It is possible to let them go... get up right now and go for a walk, do something different and try to be sober for the next couple of hours. Try to stop eating now, put the Thing down that you hold in your Hand or simply throw it away, it doesn´t give you what you Need.

This Thing in your hand (be it a Cookie, a Piece of bread or whatever) does not solve any of your Problems, it does not help you, talk to you, hug you, love you, make you feel better, it is not reducing your stress level and not reducing any other form of Desperation or Depression.

The only Thing that is guaranteed is that it will make you feel worse after.

Do something different, put it down - just for today!

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